Core Cutter

  • CC600A Paper Core Cutters Features

    CC600A Paper Core Cutters FeaturesCC600A Paper Core Cutter is one of our most popular paper core cutter, we sell around 80 pcs per year, it operates very easily,works smart and very effiency.

  • Kraft Paper Tube Cutting Machine

    Kraft Paper Tube Cutting MachineCC-1000 is a paper core cutting machine design for paper core cutting.

  • Paper Tube Cutting Machine

    Paper Tube Cutting MachineCC-1000A is a paper core cutting machine which is suitable for all kinds of short-length and moderate-yield paper tube cutting.It cuts the paper core from 3 inch to 6 inch.

  • Kraft Paper Core Cutting Machine

    Kraft Paper Core Cutting Machinehigh speed automatic half inch and 1 inch kraft paper core cutting machine is made to cut the small size paper core inner diameter from 12 to 25.4mm, half inch from 1 inch. It is a very popular kraft paper core cutting machine used in ttr slitting field.

  • Core Cut Machine

    Core Cut MachineCC300H Paper core cutting machine is a paper core cut machine using for cut long paper tube into small width cores.

  • Paper Cores Cutting Machine

    Paper Cores Cutting MachineCCA series paper core cutting machines are a kind of semi auto paper core cutting machine with unloading function.They are very cost effective core cutting machines and suitabel for small and meidum company.

  • Cardboard Paper Tube Cutter Machine

    Cardboard Paper Tube Cutter MachineCC600A Automatic cardboard Paper Tube Cutting Machine is used to cut the long paper tube into small sizes, according to the finished tape width.

  • Tube Cutting Machine

    Tube Cutting MachineCC-600A is used specially for paper core cutting in different thickness and different diameter, can make according to user’s requirement.

  • Paper Core Cutting Machine

    Paper Core Cutting MachineCC600A Automatic Paper Tube Cutting Machine is used to cut the long paper tube into small sizes, according to the finished tape width,it is designed specially for cutting 1 inch and 3 inch paper core which is used commonly in ttr slitting and hot stamping...

  • Core Cutting Machine

    Core Cutting MachinePaper Core Cutting Machine Features ● Cutting 25mm to 76mm Core ● Mini Cutting Width: 10mm ● Cutting Thickness Width: 2-15mm ● With Auto-Unloading Function ● Cutting Different Size Core by Changing Shaft Basic Specification Policy and Guarantee 100% Test...

  • CC600A Tube Cutter

    CC600A Tube CutterCC600A is a professional paper tube cutter specially designed for the paper core inner diameter from 25.4mm(1 Inch) to 76mm(3 Inch), well thickness from 2-15mm, it is very popular for the hot stamping foil slitting industry because it can cut 1 inch and 3...

  • Pipe Cutting Machine

    Pipe Cutting MachineCCC300AN pipe cutting machine is a special machine for 1/2 inch and 1 inch paper pipe cutting.It is a very popular pipe cutting machine in ttr slitting industry.

All core cutter products come in high precision and good performance. Feel free to buy core cutter or place customized orders from professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Contact our factory for more info now.