Core Cut Machine

Core Cut Machine

CC300H Paper core cutting machine is a paper core cut machine using for cut long paper tube into small width cores.

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We have several paper core cut machine as following:

paper core cutter pictures.jpg

CC300AN12-25.4mm( 1/2 inch to 1 inch) cardboard paper tube cutting machine

half inch pipe cutting machine 12mm paper core cutter.jpg

CC600A,25.4-76mm( 1inch to 3 inch) cardboard paper tube cutting machine

       photobank (10).jpg

CC1000A, 76-152mm( 3 inch to 6 inch) cardboard paper tube cutting machine

kraft paper tube cutting machine.jpg

Please find the more details from: product--core cutter

Packing and Transport:

Step 1: Clean all the dusty

Step 2: Rust prevention and lubricating treatment

Step 3: Wrap shrink film to water proof

Step 4: Pallet and internation standard wood packing

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