Paper Tube Cutting Machine

Paper Tube Cutting Machine

CC-1000A is a paper core cutting machine which is suitable for all kinds of short-length and moderate-yield paper tube cutting.It cuts the paper core from 3 inch to 6 inch.

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CC1000A is a lowest price but high speed paper tube cutting machine for film paper slitting field, it can cuts the paper tube from 3 inch( 76mm) to 6 inch(152mm). It is with the function of auto unloading the paper core, cutting thickness from 2-15mm, it is another one of our popular paper tube core cutting machine.

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1. Cutting both the 3 inch and 6 inch paper core by changing shafts;

2. Max cutting length could be 1000mm;

3. Auto function of unloading tube;

4. Self-Blade lock to save time of setting the width of cutting;



Usually machine guarantee time is about 1 year . Within guarantee time . Machine breaking caused by machine itself design defect , we are responsible for it .we can provided free charge breaking part .

If machine breaking caused by humane factor , user need take responsibility for it , we will provided technical support .


CC300AN, it is a very smart but very prefessional core cutter for 1/2 inch and 1 inch paper cores which is used in TTR slitting field. There is no very good core cutter which is good price but smart for 1/2-1 Inch (12-25.4mm) paper core, but CC300AN paper core cutter will not let your disappointed.

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CC600A,  Automatic Paper Tube Cutting Machine is used to cut the long paper tube into small sizes, according to the finished tape width,it is designed specially for cutting 1 inch and 3 inch paper core which is used commonly in ttr slitting and hot stamping foil slitting field.

cc600a 1 inch and 3 inch paper core cutting machine.jpg

CC1500A a fully auto core cutter is coming soon, please contact us for more information.

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Packing and Transport:

Step 1: Clean all the dusty

Step 2: Rust prevention and lubricating treatment

Step 3: Wrap shrink film to water proof

Step 4: Pallet and internation standard wood packing

Do you have paper core?

Of course, we have very good quality paper core the size from 12mm to 152mm, we exported a lot of paper core to many countries, the quality is approved by many companies who are in ttr slitting field, hot stamping foil industry, laminate companies and so on.

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