Tube Cutting Machine

Tube Cutting Machine

CC-600A is used specially for paper core cutting in different thickness and different diameter, can make according to user’s requirement.

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Best selling cardboard paper tube cut machine with push out for small rolls inner core.

CC-600A is suitable for paper core cutting automatically and output automatically.Cutting depth can be controlled, the position of depth adjustment is high accurate.It has convenient and fast operation way, one button can run the motor, cutting on & off and discharge the paper core. Compact structure, fast speed and steady running.

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1. It adopts circular blade cutting with cylinder auto knife feeding and auto unloading.

2. Cylinder movement is controlled by the valve and equipped with precise aluminum would to ensure efficiency and product quality.

3. Automatic cutting and automatic loading the paper core.
4. Cutting depth control function, which can protect the blade.



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1.Completely and modestly test and check before shipment.

2.Detailed instruction and manual for all of our machines.

3.Machine installing and worker training service; whole life free technical support; regular on-site routine inspection.

4.One year guarantee for all listed key parts of our machines.

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