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Cutting foil is also a process requirement.
- Apr 04, 2018 -

Anyone familiar with gold foil cutting knows that it's a "fine" job, cutting and blowing. Mouth blown "tune" must be thin, stability and accuracy, and can not damage under the condition of the gold foil move the gold foil firmly, this is very important in cutting and gold foil work a skill, generally need more than half a year of hard work to practice.

The difficulty of this skill is the need to cut the gold foil is very thin, only about 0.01 microns, the thickness of each such a thin gold foil a take will change with the hand in hand, more can't bear the pressure of tools, so you need players with foil cutter with a mouth with "blow" approach to move the gold foil. The Angle of "mouth wind" of mouth blow, force is very strict, and want to be versed in with the bamboo knife of the hand to cooperate perfectly, slightly carelessly can damage gold foil.

In addition, not only to cut the gold foil is very thin, mat under the gold foil cut foil pedal is made of very thin skin, so in the process of cutting and gold foil, using the strength of the bamboo knife must be strictly controlled. If the force is not enough, it is difficult to cut the thin gold foil in a moment, but when the force is slightly larger, the sharp bamboo knife cuts the skin.

To cut the gold foil is irregular shape, sliced into the square there will always be leftover material of the remaining after, in order to save precious gold foil material, cutting and splicing of plan requires careful design, the observation of the cutting plane geometry of foil workers and computing power requirement is quite high.

Cutting foil is the last and most important process of gold foil production, which is directly related to the quality of finished products.