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Explanation of vibration isolation method for automatic cutting table
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Automatic cutting table in the work process will have a sense of vibration, understand the rubber slitter of several vibration isolation methods, the traditional engine using rubber elastic support to reduce vibration, isolation device structure simple, cutting machine cost low, reliable performance.

Automatic cutting table support is generally installed on the rack, according to the force of the compression type, shear type and compression-shear composite type. Compact structure is simple, easy to manufacture, widely used, and due to high frequency of vibration, generally limited to vertical direction. The shear-type natural frequencies are low, but the strength is not high.

Compression-shear composite type combines the advantages of the previous two structures to meet durability and reliability requirements. In order to make the vibration-isolating rubber support system have a good damping performance parameter, the spring constant of direction is invariable, and the other direction stiffness is strengthened, the spring constant of shearing can be changed by adding steel plate in the middle of rubber. This will also reduce the size of the distance.

Cutting machine motor spiral wire Rope Isolation method: The edge-splitting machine steel wire rope as a damping element with low frequency and large damping of the high frequency and lower stiffness of the variable parameter performance, thus effectively reducing the body vibration. Compared with the traditional rubber damper.

The automatic cutting machine has the advantages of oil resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature difference, high temperature resistance, aging resistance and small volume, and the vibration isolation effect is mainly dependent on its nonlinear hysteresis characteristics.