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Five steps to optimize label design
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Excellent labels can not only add to the beauty of the packaging, but also help to improve product sales, but the premise is to choose the right method. The success of the label relies on a variety of printer materials and finishing materials familiar, as well as a variety of seihan, printing, prepress processing technology characteristics of mastery. The price of the label is very high, it may be the most cost-effective design form in the whole packaging category. tags have many forms, there are many uses, different presentation forms can achieve different functions. The following is a list of five aspects to consider for label design.

Step one: Define the type of label.

Step two: Evaluate the sales cycle of the product and the marketing role of the label.

Step three: Understand the customer's visual concerns.

Step Fourth: Clear the display effect of marketing.

Step Fifth: Choose a reasonable printing method.

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