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Introduction of automatic Cutting machine
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Automatic cutting machine for adhesive tape, protective film, paper products, precision slitting, a large volume of conventional materials, cut into the specified width.

In the Man-machine interface set slitting width, frequency, and angle, the machine according to the set parameters, there are 10 modes to choose, the first mode set width, the number of times cut, immediately followed by the second mode set width to work. And so on until the complete material is cut. Greatly improve the efficiency of production.

Generally equipped with high-precision material of the alloy round knife, with automatic spray-type silicone oil cooling, so as not to cut the glue on the knife, to maintain a sharp effect, but also will not get wet material.

The machine is equipped with undervoltage protection and light control protection devices, and it is also a great measure in safety.