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Label up
- Sep 01, 2017 -

1. Small bottle body Self-adhesive Material selection error causes the labeling to be warped

The diameter is less than 30mm bottle body is usually called small bottle body, if the choice of the label material itself is relatively large, it is easy to label. Therefore, applies to the small bottle body The Self-adhesive label generally uses the strong viscous adhesive, its in the bottle body's adhesive to be far more than the label surface material itself resists the distortion elasticity, only then can guarantee the labeling cannot rise.

2. Adhesive viscous bad results in labeling

Some self-adhesive materials in the factory after a period of time viscous decay, coupled with self-adhesive label finished factory, end users may not be used in the first time, labeling will appear when the phenomenon of warping. This causes the labeling to rise, usually as the new material processing label is no problem, and the old material processing label will have problems, or the inventory label will have problems, and the old and new label material stickiness is very different. This cause of labeling is usually started within a few hours after the labeling, and the longer the more serious. This kind of problem can be complained to the raw material supplier and request the replacement of qualified materials.

3. Adhesive cohesion caused by improper labeling

Usually in this case, we look closely at the stickers and labels, will find a part of the label on the adhesive residue on the surface, this is due to adhesive cohesion is insufficient, resulting in a period of time after labeling, adhesives in the label surface of the tensile strength of the effect is separated. Part of the adhesive remains on the label, while the other part stays on the surface of the sticker. In this case, we can ask the self-adhesive material supplier to test the cohesion of the adhesive to meet its quality standards.

4. Unreasonable process setting leads to labeling

Some of the use of glazing process labels, if it is affixed to the pasted objects, that is, the label wrapped around a week after the middle no gap, the two sides overlap together, because the light oil itself contains a certain amount of silicone oil, so the label after the paste is also very easy to tilt. Therefore, the use of the label does not recommend the use of glazing process, preferably to the laminating process.