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Laser cutting machine avoids cutting discontinuous measures.
- Apr 14, 2018 -

Laser cutting machine avoids cutting discontinuous measures:


1. Solve the problem of laser cutting of discontinuity on causes of the discontinuous cutting to solve, for discontinuous cutting requirements caused by programming errors designers have higher professional quality, in the process of cutting program to check carefully, to avoid mistakes.

2. For auxiliary to be replaced by gas cutting caused by discontinuous problems, through the accumulation of practical experience, in replacement of gas bottle to cutting, we will reduce five percent of the normal cutting speed, cutting speed and press the start key and speed up key to continue.

3. Laser cutting machine in the working process of the sudden stop also can appear when restart the interface discontinuous cutting point, so in the practical work in strict accordance with the instructions operation, avoid cutting machine stop running due to wrong operation.

Whether it is carbon steel or stainless steel or titanium alloy material, through these methods, the continuous cutting path can be achieved and the workpiece is fully connected with high precision and quality.