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paper cutting machine
- Mar 23, 2018 -

The operation of the paper cutting machine is relatively simple, and the requirements for the environment are not high. A power supply is usually used in a general office to work. General cutting machine with automatic switch system, as long as the input in the old paper cutter will automatically rotate the paper shredding. Some paper cutting machine also needs to press the start key, the paper cutter will turn, can continue to cut paper. When the paper is finished, the stop / reverse key should be pressed so that the paper cutter will stop turning.

Before the paper is broken, check if there are any hard objects such as a pin, a staple, etc. on the broken document. If there is, it should be removed and then put into the paper mouth, otherwise the cutters may be damaged. When using the paper cutter, we should pay attention to not overstuffing people's excessive paper at a time, especially the better quality paper. When using it, we should pay more attention to avoid cardboard phenomenon. Try not to skew the paper when putting it into it, and put the narrow paper in the center of the paper inlet as far as possible.

For early products, once the card failure occurs when the card is used, the back key or the shutdown key should be pressed so that the broken can continue to be used. Most paper cutting machines are equipped with overload protection devices. When the motor is overloaded and heated, it will stop automatically. At this time, 20 one 30min should be stopped to cool the motor. At the same time, the number of input paper should be appropriately reduced when used again. The more advanced paper cutting machine will automatically stop and automatically return paper once the overload is overloaded, and it is more convenient to use. When the box of the paper cutting machine is full, some machines will automatically make sound to remind people to clear the paper in time.

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