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Proper use and maintenance of cutting machine.
- Apr 09, 2018 -

     The proper use of cutting machine and maintenance of the cutting machine is one of the most important tasks. Only good cutting machine can cut out high-quality printed matter; The following is the correct usage and maintenance of the cutting machine:

     1. The operation cutting machine requires the user to know how to use the method correctly, so that it can be effective, otherwise it cannot be used. It is suggested that the cutting machine should be equipped with 500V power regulator.

     2. Before using the cutting machine, lubricate the spring groove on the left and right sides of the cutting tool, and raise the cutting knife up and down several times with the hand. Aim to smooth the knife. Secondly, the active parts and connecting rods need to be lubricated.

     3. When cutting machine is used, it is easy to be inaccurate. How to identify the problem? First check whether the digital table is broken, and the function of digital table adding and subtracting is good. If the table keeps jumping, indicating that the number table is set at 0, the table will jump continuously; The digital table can only accept the voltage between 170 and 250V. If the voltage deviates from this range, the digital table can be easily damaged, and it will also cause continuous jumping. So it's good to install a 500V stabilizer. Always note whether there is a flash in the induction switch connecting the cutting machine. If there is no flash, the sensor is broken and should be replaced. The flash is synchronized with the edge of the knife. If it is not synchronized, the paper will be cut off by the edge of the knife and can be adjusted to adjust the position of the belt wheel.

     4. What is the reason for cutting the knife? It should check whether the travel switch and CAM in the cutting machine are normal and whether the CAM screws are loose. You can use the hand to twist the CAM to try cutting; Check whether the connecting rod of transmission is rusty or not smooth; Whether the spring before cutting is too tight or not.

     5. Always pay attention to cutting the adhesive and adhesive tape, and glue the edge of the knife to the edge of the knife. Sometimes, the glue will bring the paper to the surface, which will affect the smoothness of the paper, and it should be noted that the gelatin is cleaned with kerosene.

     6.cutting machine placed, the closer the printer out of paper, the better, such as cutting tape attached to the machine can be used to lengthen the iron on the bottoms, paper sets will be up to the tape and then cut down in paper tape, in a word: as far as possible will tape trapping, can smooth cutting.

     7. When the machine is equipped with cutting machine, be careful to ensure that the cutting machine is in balance with the printing press, and the printing presses shall be 10 centimeters high to achieve balance. The electroplating handwheel is used to adjust the cutting position.

Eight, cut knife blunt, must take the round chang grinder, otherwise cut continuously, master must be skilled, cutting machine ability very good use.