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Specification for safety procedures for laminating machines
- Sep 01, 2017 -

1, the laminating machine must be checked before the device device fastening bolts loose, and the thin water to wipe all parts of the machine, and then adjust the glue again. The worktable is strictly prohibited from storing any sundries.

2, the closure of the total power switch, check the start-up and stop of the host, the start and stop of the glue, the start and stop of the winding, the heating of the oven, the electric switch of the power supply and the indicator of the instrument are flexible, reliable, sensitive and correct. After power, observe whether the equipment is functioning normally, there is no abnormal sound and coke flavor.

3, when the machine starts, must master the speed adjustment of the drum, the temperature control of the drum, the temperature control of the bake path. Strictly control the speed and temperature of the equipment.

4, laminating machine equipment should be empty after starting 3-5 minutes, test a few pieces of film, check its compliance with the requirements after the production of untested film, do not allow formal production.

5, consciously do "first three check" and often self-test workpiece quality. Can not be a self-test on the end of the film.

6, the operation of the hand can only be 30 centimeters from the drum, can not enter the dangerous place. Strictly prohibit side operation, side talk, Spirit is not concentrated, clothes and long hair must be tight, do not fly the meeting.

7, the completion of the work or failure, abnormal situation must first stop, reporting supervisor. Apply for repair and put up the maintenance card. Strictly prohibit the operation of maintenance;

8, the laminating machine cut off the power switch, clean the work site. The material is kept in order and safe passage is kept.