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The basic function of lubricant for automatic winder
- Sep 01, 2017 -

1, automatic cutting machine cooling effect. Because the lubricant can absorb the heat generated by the contact surface, it reduces the working temperature of the contact surface of the screen printing machine. It also reduces the deformation caused by temperature rise of rare parts. Because high-speed, heavy-duty machines will produce a lot of heat, so these machines generally use cycle lubricating oil road, hot oil constantly out of contact surface, cold Chau continuously into the contact surface, so that the contact surface temperature always remain in the specified state.

2, the automatic winding machine cushion absorbs the vibration function. Because of the existence of lubricant, the contact surface of the screen printing machine is reduced by the relative motion contact. At the same time, part of the energy of the machine vibration can be released through the oil circuit, thus reducing the vibration of the machine, conducive to the stable operation of the machine.

3, automatic cutting machine sealing effect. Oil itself is dynamic, can be well attached to the relative movement of the contact surface, can make the two sides almost no clearance rotation. If the oil and gas pump is to make full use of this feature, the leakage of air flow to minimize. However, the sealing effect of the circuit is mainly to compensate the machine parts processing and installation errors. When the error is too large, it can do nothing.