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The development and future prospect of water knife cutting.
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Water knife cutting was introduced into China in the mid-1990s, and it was welcomed in various fields immediately. The deep processing of water knife cutting glass opens up a whole new field of processing. In terms of metal cutting processing, has the application value is 20 mm below the cutting thickness, size error requirement is not high (0. 2mm), small batch of multi-variety occasions. The roughness of the cut is between 6.3 mu m ~ 12.5 m (depending on the thickness of the abrasive). Because water jet cutting is cold cut, no physical and chemical changes will occur in the cut. There will be no slagging left by flame cutting in the back of the incision, and there will not be the edges and burrs left by similar mechanical cutting tools.

In our country, the beginning of a numerical control high pressure water jet equipment is used in the automobile, aviation machining, surface treatment, chemical cleaning, Shi Cai and ceramic processing, also just in its infancy. At present, CNC water knife is more used in cutting various kinds of design stone or ceramic Mosaic, building ceramics, stone, glass deep processing and metal plate medium finishing. High speed cutting stone or ceramic tile will not cause damage, so that users can more imagination space, expand the business scope of customers. The CNC water knife can perforate most of the material without changing any tool. The sand water knife does not transfer heat or surface stress to stone or tile, so the material itself retains its original appearance and strength. The cutting force of the sanding water knife is extremely low, and the exquisite detail lines can also be displayed. It is more suitable for people's new requirement of material processing.

As this application technology is gradually recognized by the society, water knife cutting will also penetrate into a wider field, especially in the field of composite materials processing. The hardness, melting point and strength of each layer of composite material are different. It is almost impossible to cut with traditional processing methods. And the water jet cutting is very easy to cut. With the improvement of water jet cutting technology, it can be developed in the direction of thick metal plate. In short, broad industry demand side, involving the field width, and it of all kinds of known and unknown materials processing adaptability strong, have decided to ultra-high pressure water jet cutting technology application prospect is very wonderful. This is the reason why it was defined as a 2l century application technology at the international water jet annual conference in Seattle in the late 1990s.

Water knife cutting operation is simple, easy to use, well received by users. Water knife has good product quality; Staff should use and maintain the water knife properly. The first aspect has the reasonable optimal design and the strong processing backing to guarantee. In the second aspect, the product is very simple and easy to learn in numerical control operation. This is due to the use of water - cutting software as the control system. It is humanized and easy to understand from the control interface. It is also very powerful in terms of functionality, and the ultra-high voltage generator (which is the heart of the water knife) is not as reliable as it needs to be.