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The pressure of the water knife is increasing.
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Over the past five years, water knife cutting technology rapid development, from a strange way of metal cutting into a reliable cutting tools, in many of the sheet metal processing workshop of the world can see this kind of cutting tools. The rise of the technology has made a deep impression on people in the past few years.

Most of the water cutting equipment manufacturers and users have agreed to the notion that who can produce 55000 ~ 65000 psi pressure equipment can represent the current scattered in various processing workshop the actual level of the water cutting work. At the IMTS 2008 international machine tool fair, the display of giant water knife cutting equipment, the pressure is higher than the largest cutting equipment in the past 60 percent.

Vice President of marketing and product management of the company, Mike says Mr Ruppenthal: "because the water cut has become the mainstream of processing technology, more people will be focused on the operation cost of the device, not just thinking about application problems. In the past, people bought the device because it was so prominent and characteristic that it could cut rubber, titanium, stainless steel and aluminum. But today, people are more focused on the cost of operating the device.

In the aspect of water cutting technology, the higher pressure can reduce the operation cost.Because of the cost of abrasive materials, it is of great significance to economize the use of materials. In general, the use of materials around the world is increasing because of supply constraints.

The higher the pressure of the pump, the greater the stress on the internal components. The solution to these powerful new system problems is to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of these system pipelines, fasteners, seals and other internal components.

In the future, for all users of water cutting technology will get an unexpected benefits, in the high pressure water cutting jet cutting equipment technology will be used in all all kinds of machinery used in the common technology. The longer service life of the pipeline and the rapidly connected interface will become the standard, which will help to prolong the maintenance interval of the water cutting equipment.