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The situation of Chinese slitting machine
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Now Chinese stripe machine manufacturing enterprises make use of the sales resources of international brands to achieve export. Its use in the international market sales network complementary products export host; host products OEM; enter the international manufacturers in OEM supply chain; enter the international manufacturers and service providers in the form of spare parts maintenance system; investment to establish the host production base in the overseas target market, realize the localization of assembly and manufacturing. It is a major goal of China's stripe machine development to clarify the strategic positioning of industry, accelerate the integration of enterprise resources, cultivate world-class Chinese machinery industry enterprises, foster and support the strong development of Chinese machinery industry, and become a world-class Chinese machinery industry. Support qualified enterprises to enter the industrial chain of international machinery industry, support qualified enterprises, especially SMEs to enter the industrial chain and supply chain of international engineering industry, so as to maximize the utilization of existing resources.

The market environment of China's mechanical industry will be perfected, and the market system of modern machinery industry is formed to provide a fair environment for industrial development. The formation of machinery industry involved in the capital market, the market, the secondary market marketing combination of modern machinery industry market system; asset restructuring project of Chinese interests; the establishment of early warning mechanism of industry protection; China's implementation of the key equipment of some large machinery industry import tax policy, to Chinese machinery industry manufacturing industry development of large key equipment is not fair.

The formation of the core competitiveness of enterprises, the fundamental way China slitting machine development is to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, enterprises firmly grasp the key elements of the ability of research and development, cost control, management innovation, product, brand, technology, standards, manufacturing, management and sales network core resources, form the core competitiveness of enterprises. The leading product upgrading, leading product upgrading is the starting point for the formation of core competitiveness of enterprises, is the basis for consolidating the China market, the development of the international market; the famous brand enterprises, the market and users, the core value of machinery industry first brand is mainly reflected in the products of good quality, good quality of service and products in the second-hand equipment market the residual value of the three aspects, further is the charm of enterprise culture. 

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