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The structure knowledge of the tape master of the stripe machine
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Slitting machine automatic cutting Table sealing Tape Master volume is actually mainly BOPP film Masterbatch as the base material, then the Bopp film after the high-voltage corona treatment, its surface formed rough, and then after heating evenly coated water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive (the main ingredient is butyl ester), and then according to customer requirements to form different thickness of the adhesive layer.

Sealing Tape Master Roll Characteristics:

The splitter has high quality and high performance sealing tape Master volume even in extreme weather, its performance is also able to maintain stability, sealing tape Masterbatch has excellent adhesion, initial adhesion, sticky can be good, tensile strength is large, light weight, cheap, sealed box tape master roll easy to use.

Sealing Tape Master Coil use:

Slitting machine automatic Cutting table tape Master volume is generally applicable to the shipment of containers and prevent the theft of goods, illegal opening and so on. Sealing Tape Masterbatch is widely used in carton sealing packaging, warehouse storage of goods, should be used for product sealing and fixing, sealed box transparent packaging and sealing the role of the finished paper cutting.