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What factors directly affect the life of semi-automatic labeling machine
- Sep 01, 2017 -

In the use of semi-automatic labeling machine, if the operation is not careful, will reduce its life expectancy; what are the factors that affect the life of high semi-automatic labeling machines?

First: Mechanical structure: There is no solid mechanical structure to do the foundation, the operation of vibration, or the action is not in place, and so on at any time, good electrical configuration can not operate.

Second: The adjustment of the Organization: labeling requirements are ever-changing, the need to constantly adjust the machine, if the adjustment mechanism design defects, will not be able to achieve the labeling effect.

Third: Traction mechanism: the direct provision of label stripping power, design needs to consider slippage, wear and other factors.

Four: The labeling of the head: The accuracy can not be guaranteed, can not guarantee the labeling effect. Therefore, it is important to carry out deviation rectifying mechanism, clamping mechanism, eye detection mechanism and traction mechanism, which is equivalent to automobile engine.

Five: Electrical configuration: Electrical configuration directly affect the stability of the operation, high-quality electrical configuration to ensure the performance of labeling machine.