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What if the printer shows that the offline state cannot be printed?
- Apr 18, 2018 -

         There are many reasons why the printer is offline, so you can do the following: turn off the printer power and restart the computer. This allows the computer to be in a normal use environment. Restart the computer and turn on the printer power, connect the printer USB cable to the computer, and send the printing task again, which normally can be printed normally.

       If the printer is still offline, follow the steps in the following solution to help you solve the problem.

1. Check the printer indicator to ensure that the printer power is turned on, and the printer is in standby readiness status. Please refer to the product instruction for the processing method of the printer indicator.

2. Remove the print task due to print background services program to deal with failure and not able to print tasks, will stay in the print task list, cause the clogging in the print queue to print, the printer status is shown as "offline", at this time to clear clogged print tasks.

3. Check the printer status (1) connect the printer USB cable to the computer and turn on the printer power. (2) click "start", "printer and fax" in turn. In the printer and fax window, find the printer icon. (3) in the "printer and fax" window, right-click on the printer icon you use and select the "use online printer" menu item. After selecting the online printer menu item, the printer status is changed from "offline" to "ready". (4) in the "printer and fax" window, the printer icon will display the correct status after the Settings are set. Correct printer status: "document" is "0", "state" is "ready". (5) at this time, the printer can be used normally.