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What is hot stamping foil printing?
- Sep 29, 2017 -

Foil stamping uses heat and hot stamping foil in a printing process that produces a glossy design on paper, vinyl, textiles, wood, hard plastic, leather and other materials.

Foil stamping is also known as hot stamping, dry stamping, foil imprinting, or leaf stamping and can be combined with dimensional embossing to make letters and images on business cards, book covers, gift cards and office folders along with a host of professional or personal items.

Instead of using plates or inks to print words and shapes, foil stamping uses dies or engraved metal stamps. The heated dies seal a thin layer of metallic leaf onto a surface. The foil comes in a wide roll, large enough for several passes, backed by Mylar. The hot die works similarly to a letterpress. Once heated, it presses the foil against the substrate material with enough pressure to ensure that the foil sticks only in the intended places leaving a slight imprint.


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