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- Sep 12, 2018 -

Any media that can connect the same or different kinds of solid material surface together is called adhesive. The method of connecting solid surface together by adhesive adhesion is called adhesive or adhesive. For thousands of years, humans have noticed adhesions in nature, such as crustaceans that stick firmly to rocks. The phenomenon of adhesion in nature inspires people to use adhesion as a way to connect objects. Early adhesives were derived from natural substances, such as rosin used to bind arrowheads, spearheads, natural asphalt, and bone glue, lime, etc. In the long-term use of natural adhesives, adhesion technology has not been significantly developed. It was not until the early 20th century, when phenolic resin was invented in the United States, that adhesive and bonding technology entered a new development period, and occupied an important position in human society.