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Bottom Paper Cut Through
- Sep 01, 2017 -

1. Self-adhesive Material problem

Non-dry plastic material on the flatness of the requirements are very high. Some small materials in the coating adhesive agent, did not master the uniformity of coating, resulting in adhesive layer thick uneven. Using this material to produce self-adhesive labels, in the die-cutting process will be very easy to appear in the bottom paper cut wear problems. This cause of the die-cutting failure is usually shown to be irregular, that is, in the case of no change in the die-cutting pressure, cut through the bottom of the paper and not cut through the substrate of the phenomenon will appear disorderly. This problem is recommended for the replacement of self-adhesive materials.

2. Die-cutting floor material problem

Most of the flat die-cutting equipment at work, all need to be die-cutting material under the mat die-cutting floor, to avoid the knife version and the following steel plate direct contact, thereby extending the life of the knife version. Generally speaking, the die-cutting floor needs to choose the soft and hard moderate, with a certain degree of elasticity, and surface formation of the material. If the die-cutting floor surface strength is not enough, in the die-cutting process by the knife version of the impact is very easy to deform, resulting in the die-cutting local pressure changes, resulting in the bottom paper cut or even cut through.

When encountering this kind of problem, the operator is often difficult to find out the real reason, this is because the deformation of the floor material has no regularity. Operators if in the production process found that the bottom of the paper was cut, will immediately adjust the local pressure, can be adjusted after not long, and found that other locations also appeared the bottom paper cut phenomenon. Back and forth, until the replacement of the die-cutting floor after the problem was resolved. Therefore, in the adjustment of the local die-cutting pressure can not solve the bottom paper cutting problem, the staff can try to change a piece of other materials of the die-cutting backplane to see if it is effective.

3. Die-cutting blades become blunt

In the process of die-cutting, with the increase of die-cutting times, die-cutting knife will gradually become blunt. In order to continue to cut off the self-adhesive material, it is necessary to increase the die-cutting pressure, which can easily cause damage to the bottom paper. Bottom paper damage is mainly manifested in the bottom of the surface has a deeper die-cutting impression, although it is not cut from the surface, but the actual destruction of the paper fiber, resulting in a greatly reduced tensile strength, in the process of automatic labeling, it is very easy to cause bottom paper fracture. Therefore, in the die-cutting process, the operator once found the bottom of the surface of the paper is too deep, it is recommended to replace the blade immediately.