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Color Detection And Control
- Sep 01, 2017 -

At present, color detection is divided into two methods: density measurement and chroma measurement.

1 Density measurement

Density measurement refers to the density of the ink film measured by density meter (meter). Different ink ink film thickness and density there is a corresponding relationship between printing operators can use the printing density measurement value and standard sample density of the difference between the direct calculation of the ink key inking adjustment, the corresponding printing unit inking system adjustment.

2 Chroma Measurement

Chroma measurement can be divided into two kinds: colorimeter measurement and spectrophotometer measurement.

The Colorimeter measurement is based on chromaticity, using the measured three stimuli to accurately control the printing process to ensure that the printing color is consistent with the standard sample color.

Spectrophotometer measures the reflectivity of each wavelength of the visible light spectrum of the printed color surface. Based on the reflectivity of the printed color surface light, the three stimuli or the density value of the color are calculated by software.

In general, according to the measurement data to calculate the relevant inking key adjustment, so as to adjust the ink supply of the relevant inks, to ensure that the printing color and standard sample color consistency.