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Computer Slitting Machine Has Those Characteristics
- Sep 01, 2017 -

The winding adopts vector frequency conversion motor and electronic control precision gas heave slip-difference axle transmission, which is realized by PLC to calculate the winding diameter and control air pressure to control the tension and slip.

Traction using vector variable frequency motor drive to achieve constant line speed control.

Unwinding adopts no shaft unwinding, vector variable frequency motor drive, and the PLC automatically calculates the winding diameter to realize constant tension control. The unwinding coil is clamped by the electric screw and the cylinder, and the lifting of the discharging frame is realized by hydraulic drive.

Correction system using LPC&EPC (heel line) photoelectric static automatic rectification system

Slitting using flat knife slitting (can be custom-made round knife slitting), the adjustment of the knife through the pneumatic and synchronous belt drive to achieve.

The system has the functions of meter, fixed length shutdown, winding diameter operation and cutting material protection.