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Hand Pipe Cutter And Pneumatic Pipe Cutter
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Hand pipe cutter

European-style high strength machine head, equipped with high efficiency worm, worm wheel drive, so that high speed, no noise, no edge. Feed by manually, the nose can be about 45 ° rotation, Angle score is clear, and 45 ° and 45 ° - 90 - plus system file column, make it easier for adjustment, equipped with two-way clamp manually, automatic cooling system debugging and hand over the feet.

Pneumatic pipe cutter

The two - way clamping of pneumatic pipe cutting machine makes the workpiece smooth and smooth. Saw cutting low noise, low pollution. Cutting precision and faster than band saw and bow saw, while cutting surface smooth and no heat, saving secondary processing. Machine head can be left and right to adjust oblique cutting or milling groove. Accurate Angle, perfect pipe cut. Circulating cooling system, with large capacity of oil storage barrel, ensure saw blade life, smooth cutting surface.