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In Use Condition Glue
- Sep 07, 2018 -

In use condition glue and seal glue should be used in certain environment, working condition has important effect to glue performance. In the operating conditions, there are stress conditions, environmental temperature and humidity, chemical media conditions, outdoor conditions and so on.

(1) force situation. When the adhesive is subjected to the stripping force and the non-uniform pulling force, the adhesive with good toughness can be selected, such as rubber glue, polyurethane glue, etc. When subjected to uniform pulling force and shear force, adhesives with high hardness and strength, such as epoxy adhesive and acrylate adhesive, can be selected.

(2) temperature. Different glue has different heat resistance. Choose different glues for different temperatures.

(3) humidity. Moisture and moisture are very bad for the stability of the adhesive interface, which can be said to be harmful and unhelpful. Because of the small volume of water molecules, large polarity, through infiltration and diffusion, play a hydrolysis role, so that the bonding failure or self-breaking, resulting in the bonding strength and durability reduced. The adhesive is required to be water resistant. Choose epoxy adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, etc.

(4) chemical media. Chemical medium mainly refers to acid, alkali, salt, solvent and so on, different types of glue, different curing conditions, with different medium resistance. Therefore, we should choose glue and sealant according to the medium contact by the adhesive.

(5) outdoor conditions. The conditions of outdoor adhesives are quite complicated. Temperature changes, wind and rain showers, sun freezing and so on can accelerate the aging of rubber layer and shorten its life. Therefore, under outdoor conditions, high temperature curing and weathering resistant adhesive should be selected, such as phenolic aldehyde acetal rubber and epoxy nitrile rubber. Silicone sealant is used for sealing.