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Knitwear Classification
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Knitted goods are called textiles when they are woven and processed. According to use can be divided into dress decorated with textiles, textile, industrial products three categories 1. Clothes made of textile products including clothing of all kinds of textile fabrics and sewing thread, elastic, collar lining, the lining and other kinds of textile material and the knitting clothing, gloves, socks, etc. 2. Can be divided into interior decorative textiles supplies, bedding, and outdoor products, including household cloth and restaurant wash bath room supplies, such as: carpets, sofa sets, chair, tapestry, patch, like hood, spinning, curtain, towel, tea towel, table cloth, handkerchief, etc.; Bedding includes bedspread, bedspread, quilt cover, blanket, terry towel, pillow core, quilt core, pillowcase, etc. Outdoor goods include artificial lawns and so on. 3. Industrial textiles have a wide range of USES, and there are many kinds of knitwear wholesale, such as covered cloth, gun clothes, filter cloth, sieve mesh, roadbed cloth, etc