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Packaging Function
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Protective function of packaging

Quality is the guarantee of products, quality is the life of enterprises, if the packaging can not be effective protection, such as in the transport storage process of breakage, scratches, or caused by falling product fragmentation and other phenomena, are regarded as packaging on the protection of the product is not enough; In addition, in the current market share of the increasing power industry The packaging of the product protection performance requirements of higher, in a longer and more complex logistics chain, to ensure that the goods to reach consumers intact will bring greater challenges to packaging.

Packaging appearance Display function

Another important function of packaging is to promote sales. In addition to the necessary provisions of the laws and regulations of the product text introduction, matching the appropriate color patterns and exquisite text expression form and other graphic design content can enhance the appearance of the packaging effect. At the same time, combined with the delicate structure of the function design can also bring a three-dimensional and real sense of the product, of course, a certain material processing technology, such as the printing of the cat's eye technology, the use of special paper, etc., can enhance the visual effect of product appearance. With the current popular two-dimensional code one-yard technology and AR technology, can increase the customer's interactive experience, so that consumers perceive the product identification information outside the content.