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Packaging Of Environmental Protection Mission
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Many companies put forward, in addition to increase product sales, energy conservation and emission reduction is also a key goal, here specifically refers to the reduction of carbon emissions requirements. The main performance is:

One is to reduce the number of packages, and product protection function and appearance of the packaging can not be removed from use, but also conducive to the promotion of production efficiency;

The second is to reduce the weight of the single package, that is, weight loss, because each fixed unit of packaging in the production process will produce a corresponding amount of carbon emissions, lighter packaging, such as traditional hard packaging to soft packaging, the environment will be more friendly;

Three is the recyclable use of packaging, for example, for the electrical and commercial channels of the site turnover carton and cushioning materials, cleaning supplies and food hard packaging and complementary packaging (soft package), and so on, these are regarded as the most direct material savings;

Four is the recycling of packaging, the use of a single recyclable packaging, such as polyethylene film, polypropylene containers, iron boxes, etc., can be collected and processed and reused;

Five is the optimization of packaging technology, such as the use of water-based ink, film-Free paper box, no solvent glue or water-based glue and so on. Environmental protection is a public good, but also the cause of every packaging person.