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Paper Cutting Machine Cutting Blade Angle
- Oct 19, 2018 -

The choice of blade Angle is very important in cutting. In other words, a good paper cutter should be equipped with a good paper cutting blade and cutting edge grinding process. However, in the after-sale service of paper cutter, we find that many paper cutter users often ignore this point. As a result, due to the wrong way, method and Angle of paper cutter blade sharpening, the impact force in paper cutting is increased, which leads to the loosening of safety screws and even breakage, and finally causes mechanical damage.

The range of materials that need to be cut with a paper cutter is getting wider and wider, such as beer aluminum foil hat mark, carbon-free carbon copy paper, honeycomb cardboard, magnetic card, photographic film, etc., these materials will encounter different practical problems in the process of cutting. If carbon - free carbon copy paper in cutting indentation, and magnetic card, photographic film in cutting will appear in the press is not fixed, resulting in waste. These problems can be solved by adjusting the pressure of the presser, improving the blade and cutting drive system. However, these aspects of the technology, according to the author, only a few domestic paper cutting machine manufacturers can all solve.