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Pay Attention To Printing Color For Kraft Printing
- Aug 24, 2018 -

In order to get better color reproduction in kraft printing, it is more difficult than SBS paper printing. In particular, the exact reproduction of color on a regular kraft board requires more care than printing on a bleached kraft board. The effect of printing ink is very different from that of printing on bleached paper due to the dark brown nature of ordinary kraft paper. Because this had better use color bright-coloured printing ink, use more marked colour, such printing effect is better. Soft colors and pastes are most difficult to achieve the desired ink density, opacity and wear resistance. In addition, if necessary, you can add a bit of white in the ink first, will be conducive to achieve the desired soft tone or light color, which is very useful for copying soft colors and light colors. With the increasingly mature printing technology, some manufacturers even use UV ink, effectively improving the printing color effect.