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Rewinding Machine
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Rewinding machine is a special equipment for paper making. Its purpose is to rewind the paper roll produced by the paper making machine (called the original paper roll) in sequence. At present, it is a developing trend to replace dc drive with ac drive in rewinding machine. By rewinding machine rolls of paper roll is more soft, there may be damaged or broken, the internal side edge is not neat, paper width and cannot be used directly in paper processing or printing machine, such as most kinds of paper (such as newsprint, letterpress printing paper, wrapping paper, etc.) must pass a rewinding machine, cutting, cutting edges joint, heavy volume on the paper roll core formed a certain specification, a certain tightness requirements of the finished paper roll to the factory. The rewinding process mainly completes three tasks: first, removing the raw edges of the paper; Secondly, the whole piece of raw paper will be cut into a number of user specifications of the width; Third, control the roll diameter of finished paper roll to make it meet the factory specifications.