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The Blending Method Of Dark Ink
- Sep 01, 2017 -

The blending of deep color inks, only with dark ink, not and rarely use dilute agent inking, known as dark Ink. The provisioning process is:

1. According to color quadrochromatic color analysis, determine the main color and the proportion of secondary color, can be based on the percentage of the color standard to determine.

2. The amount of printing to determine the weight of the blending inks will be inking the main color of the original ink ratio, inking oil, ink models, quantities, manufacturers to register in detail.

3. According to the theory of subtractive, inking should be as little as possible with the primary color of the type of ink, with two kinds of original ink can be adjusted out of the colors, preferably not three of primary colors ink, to avoid the use of primary colors, reducing the transparency of ink, affecting the bright color of the product

4. Adjust Dark ink, one is to refer to the ratio of color standard, the second is to first use a small amount of primary color ink to debug, leveling out the ink hue to achieve the requirements of color manuscript, and then large batch inking.

5. Mixing the color of the ink, and sometimes need to add a small amount of black ink to be allocated to achieve the desired color effect.