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The Highlight Of The Label
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Label, carrying a complete product information and display effect, but also highlights the product itself temperament and personality, should be said to be the product packaging play a finishing touch role.

For the product packaging on the requirements of the label, one is the quality of the requirements, that is no wrinkles, no bubbles, no scratches, no burrs, etc., printing overprinter accurate, no overlapping, no ink, no inks impurities, such as, good laminating, no edge. The other is the new requirement of the information age, that is to carry more product introduction materials, with two-dimensional code and other forms of display, connected to more products behind the brand story, similar product introductions and other promotional information; another is AR technology, that is, through the consumer scan product labels and the previous recorded video photo file playback, Let consumers feel immersive, into the brand, improve the customer's sense of locality.

Labels are never the more expensive or the higher the cost of better, but more in line with brand positioning, highlighting the better brand personality. Of course, the choice of labels are also constrained by the product's profit margin indicators, the need for a limited cost space to seek materials, technology, design and other aspects of the balance. However, the future label is a collection carrier of large data, which can be used to integrate the consumer data and the whole channel logistics data to become an important resource for the company to further develop new markets.