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The Textile Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Conference Was Held
- Jun 27, 2018 -

Economic daily - China JingJiWang Beijing June 27 "intelligent manufacturing is an important measure of China's manufacturing strategy, textile and construction power, realize the science and technology, fashion, green textile new positioning of the important paths." At the first China's textile industry recent intelligent manufacturing assembly, secretary general of the China textile industry association secretary of the party committee and Gao Yong pointed out that textile industry to promote the scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the standard support; Build a public technical service platform, take intelligent workshop (factory) as the breakthrough, accelerate the "seven lines" demonstration construction to achieve substantial progress.

Cao xuejun, deputy director of the consumer goods industry department of the ministry of industry and information technology, said that the entire textile industry should strengthen collaborative innovation and constantly improve the basic level of intelligent manufacturing. Promote integration and foster an intelligent manufacturing ecology; Expand the application, further enhance the intelligent manufacturing transformation of traditional industries.

At present, many textile enterprises in China have made gratifying achievements in intelligent manufacturing. For example, shandong kangpingna group co., LTD. "complete set of technology and equipment for automatic dyeing of bobbin yarn digitalization" has realized the digitization, automation and intelligence of the whole process of textile dyeing. The company's deputy general manager, lu qingfu, said that the company is currently building a 20,000 ton annual intelligent dyeing demonstration plant.