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What Is The Classification Of Ribbon
- Sep 01, 2017 -

The use of ribbon is many, the common classification has the following three kinds:

Ribbon according to the production material classification: cotton, Polyester, pp (polypropylene), nylon (nylon), artificial cotton, rayon, silk, organic cotton, bamboo fiber, corn fiber, recycled PET (RPET), milk fiber, soybean fiber, spandex and so on.

Ribbon classification by production lines: Herringbone, plain, bead, pit, twill, colors, jumper, tabby twill, forged lines, satin ribbons, ribbon and so on.

Ribbon by Customer Use classification: Trademark printing, garment accessories, gift packaging, shoe accessories, bandage Zahan, headdress, butterfly knot, hanging belt, pet belt, car seat belt, ribbons and so on.