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What Problems Will Be Encountered In Debugging Round Bottle Labeling Machine
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Round bottle labeling machine, automatic round bottle labeling machine is formally used before, need to be debugged to apply to normal use, high efficiency labeling. Three major problems that may be encountered in the commissioning of a round bottle labeling machine:

The first big problem, round bottle labeling machine labeling action is not normal:

1, check the location of the label is normal, such as normal check the action mechanism has no foreign body stuck.

2. Check whether the spring of the automatic round bottle labeling machine is abnormal.

3. Check the position of the guardrail of the round bottle labeling machine.

4, check the Man-machine interface parameter setting is normal.

5, check whether the relevant magic eye is normal.

The second big problem, round bottle labeling machine labeling location is not accurate:

1, the reason is to peel the label plate slack, you can adjust the clip mark the strength of the pressure label, not too loose or too tight.

2, adjust the round bottle labeling Machine label tray under the brake belt tension spring tension.

The third big problem, round bottle labeling Machine conveyor belt does not run:

1, check the conveyor belt speed adjustment is too slow.

2, check the operation of labeling machine parts are stuck.

3, check the Man-machine interface settings, not in the start of the operation of the screen to touch the automatic running of the box to start the automatic labeling.

Finally, the purchase of labeling machine is best to provide labeling machine manufacturers need to label samples, so that manufacturers can according to sample to debug equipment, to provide the most suitable labeling machine.