• 1600mm Slitter for Hot Stamping Foil

    1600mm Slitter for Hot Stamping FoilHN1600mm slitter is one of our very popular model slitter which is used to slit metallic foil,hot stamping foil,cold foil and othe foil from Kurz,Univacco,Dragon foil,ITW and so on. It can slit 1600mm jumbo roll, both 1 inch and 3 inch are ok.

  • 2000mm Foil Rewinding Machine

    2000mm Foil Rewinding Machine2000mm foil rewinding machine is professional foil slitting machine for hot stamping foil,metallic foil,metalized film, holographic foil,flum,aluminum foil,cold foil,and other 12-120 micron foil, film materials, max slitting width 2000mm.

  • 1300mm Hot Stamping Foil Rolls Slitter

    1300mm Hot Stamping Foil Rolls Slitter1300mm Hot Stamping Foil Rolls Slitter is specially design for hot stamping foil,hot foil,metallic foil,metallized foil,decorative foil, coding foil industry, it is with 1 inch and 3 inch shaft,mini slitting width 25mm.

  • 800mm High Speed Foil Slitting Machine

    800mm High Speed Foil Slitting Machine800mm High Speed Foil Slitting Machine APPLICATION: Professional Foil Slitting Machine for Hot Stamping Foil, Metallic Foil, Metalized Film,Holographic Foil, Aluminum Foil, Cold Foil And Other 12-120 Micron Foil,Film Materials, Max Slitting Width 800mm;...

  • Slitter Rewinder Machine

    Slitter Rewinder MachineH N 1300 slitter machine is specially designed for big quantity hot and cold stamping foils slitting work. Adopt shaftless unwind, it fits 300mm to 1300mm parent rolls with max. OD up to 1000mm. Stably slitting at 400m/min speed with high productivity,...

  • Hot Foil Slitter Machine

    Hot Foil Slitter Machinean compact and high quality hot foil slitter machine for converting hot foil and cold foil rolls

  • Cold Foil Slitter

    Cold Foil SlitterH N 800 cold foil slitter rewinder is an ideal machine for slitting jumbo roll on 3” and 6” cores to finished rolls on 1”, 3” and 6” cores. Compared to other slitters which still use 1” solid steel shafts, this machine uses both 1” air shafts and...

  • Hot Foil Slitter

    Hot Foil Slittera professional hot foil slitter for converters who slitting rewinding hot stamping foils, cold foils, films, laminates etc,it is a small slitter which can slit max 800mm jumbo roll, but with 1 inch and 3 inch shaft, it can cut both 1 inch and 3 inch hot...

  • Lamination Film Slitter

    Lamination Film SlitterH N 1600 is a compact lamination film slitting machine. It is widely welcomed by big film companies. They can be used to cut primary or complex film jumbo rolls at any sizes when needs arise. It enables the companies have the ability to cut the rolls for...

  • Hot Foil Roll Slitter

    Hot Foil Roll Slittera good design hot foil roll slitter for converting hot stamping foils, cold foils,metallic foil,coding foil,kurz foil,univacco foil and so on.

  • Paper Cutting Machine

    Paper Cutting MachineDFQ 3500 is a huge rewinding and unwinding diameter slitter rewinder,it can slit such as paper,compound printing paper,fabric and other kind of big rewinding and unwinding diameter roll . BASIC SPECIFICATION 1 SLITTING WIDTH MAX3500MM 2 SLITTING THICKNESS...

  • Hot Stamping Foil Slitting Machine

    Hot Stamping Foil Slitting Machineprofessional hot stamping foil slitting machine with 1300mm width, it is suitable for those who has plenty experience in cutting and need to expand capacity.

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