Ribbon and Labels

  • Wax Barcode Ribbon

    Wax Barcode RibbonGENERAL PURPOSE WAX BARCODE RIBBON Detail Information Our general purpose wax barcode ribbon, standard wax ribbon with excellent print quality, universal media adaptability and an affordable price. It is used in the coding applications of fast growth...Read More

  • Wax Resin Barcode Ribbon

    Wax Resin Barcode RibbonWax Resin Barcode Ribbon Detail Information Economical wax-resin ribbon that provides great print quality and scratch resistance on a wide range of print media. Low energy requirements and back coat technology extend the life of print heads in demanding...Read More

  • Color Barcode Ribbon

    Color Barcode RibbonColor barcode ribbon We have all kind of color barcode ribbon with very good price, pls contact us for more information.Read More

  • Polyester Satin Ribbon

    Polyester Satin RibbonPolyester Satin R=Rotary S=Silk Screen L=Letter Press H=Hot Stamping T=TTR Printing We also provide color polyester satin ribbon as per your requirement:Read More

  • Woven Edge Satin Ribbon

    Woven Edge Satin RibbonWoven Edge Tape R=Rotary S=Silk Screen L=Letter Press H=Hot Stamping T=TTR Printing(Any size could be provide)Read More

  • Nylon Label Ribbon

    Nylon Label RibbonNylon Taffeta R=Rotary S=Silk Screen L=Letter Press H=Hot Stamping T=TTR PrintingRead More

All ribbon and labels products come in high precision and good performance. Feel free to buy ribbon and labels or place customized orders from professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Contact our factory for more info now.