Fabric Label Slitter

Slitter Rewinder for Care Label,Garment Label,Non-Woven and Woven Fabric,Polyester Satin Ribbon,Nylon Taffeta and other fabric and Textile
  • FY1600JC Fabric Slitting Machine

    FY1600JC Fabric Slitting MachineFYJC is a all purpose fabric slitter, it does not only can slit woven fabric but also the non woven fabric. With both the heating blade and cold blade syestems, it could slit almost all the clothing textile fabric material on the market.Read More

  • 800mm Satin Ribbon Cutter

    800mm Satin Ribbon CutterFY800J satin ribbon cutter combined Europe technology with our special design on new cutting mode, professional for slitting polyester satin,mesh ribbon,organza ribbon,velvet ribbon,medical warp elastic fabric,release fabric and other industry fabrics and...Read More

  • Garment Label Satin Ribbon Making Machine

    Garment Label Satin Ribbon Making MachineThis is a perfect satin ribbon making machine , cut big satin ribbon rolls into small satin ribbons with perfect cutting edge. Highly recommend to Label industry.And also can be use to other fabric industry that need cut big roll into small rolls.Read More

  • 2000mm Satin Ribbon Cutting Machine

    2000mm Satin Ribbon Cutting Machine2000MM width heat straight blade satin ribbon cutting machine,with 20 yrs of experience in this field we have developed this machine to a best situation.It’s the best machine for making woven ribbon rolls and similar roll products.Read More

  • Ribbon Winding Machine

    Ribbon Winding MachineFY800C nylon ribbon winding machine equipped with effective cold blade,this is a professional machine for cutting and rewinding Nylon ribbons and other non-woven fabrics.Read More

  • Ribbon Cutting Machine

    Ribbon Cutting MachineThis series label ribbon cutting machine equipped with powerful heat blade,the machine cuts fabric without any threads , and the cutting edge is perfectly good looking. Very suitable for making Labels and similar small width ribbons.Read More

  • Woven Fabric Rewinding Machine

    Woven Fabric Rewinding MachineFY800 to FY3300J woven fabric rewinding machine can slit fabrics with perfect sealed edge,it is very suitable to cut woven material, like polyester satin and other kind of garment label,clothing label,care label and so on.The mini slitting width can be 10mm.Read More

  • 2800mm Fabric Slitter

    2800mm Fabric SlitterThe fabric slitter FY2800C is for slitting fabric Jumbo Rolls, such as Nylon, Textile, Care label, Polyester and so on into small rolls with min 10mm width,the max slitting width can be 2800mm, it is one of very cost effective fabric slitter.Read More

  • Fabric Roll Cutting Machine

    Fabric Roll Cutting MachineThe fabric roll cutting machine FY2000JC is for slitting Textiles, pongee fabric, labels, garment label, acetate, care label, cotton, ribbonRead More

  • 2000mm Fabric Strip Cutting Machine

    2000mm Fabric Strip Cutting MachineThe fabric strip cutting machine is for slitting fabric Jumbo Rolls, such as Nylon, Textile, Care label, Polyester and so on into small rolls with min 10mm widthRead More

  • 1800mm Fabric Roll Cutter

    1800mm Fabric Roll CutterFY1800JC fabric roll cutter is for slitting fabric jumbo roll such as nylon,textile,care label,polyester satin and so on,the max slitting width can be 1800mm, it is with both heating and cold blade, can slitting almost any kind of fabric,both woven fabric...Read More

  • Label Slitter Rewinder Machine

    Label Slitter Rewinder MachineThe cloth label slitter rewinder machine is used for slitting textiles, pongee fabric,labels,garment label,acetate,care label,cotton,ribbon and other garment and cloth material.Read More

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All fabric label slitter products come in high precision and good performance. Feel free to buy fabric label slitter or place customized orders from professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Contact our factory for more info now.