800mm Fabric Roll Slitting Machine

800mm Fabric Roll Slitting Machine

FY800C,the fabric roll slitting machine is for slitting nylon,full polyester,nylon taffeta,non-woven fabric,film and other fabric materials.

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800mm unwinding width fabric roll slitting machine FY800C with cheap price

The fabric roll slitting machine is our Cool Blade Slitting Machine applicable for slitting Polyester , and other similar material that need to be normal cut. also widely used for slitting Roll-form Fabric.


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1. Adopting unique heat straight knife with special edge sealing function, make sure the slitting edge soft and trim without any threads.
2. Surface rewinding design makes sure the finished rolls compact and trim.
Especially well for narrow width rolls slitting &rewinding.
3. Min. slitting width 10 mm, suitable for all garment labels and other accuracy requirement.
4. Maximum loading knife up to 100pcs for optimum productivity.
5. Easy to operate and maintain.




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Our training service includes: 

1. Machine installing training
2. Standard operation
3. Daily maintenance training
4. Normal problem solution
If customer requirement, engineers can also be sent to customers Factory guiding machine Installing

After Sales Service
1.Regular customer return visit service
Our after-sales service team will visit old customer in every two years. Guiding and helping customer test and check machine running.
2.Consumable and Spare parts
3.Question or problem during operation
For any questions or problem during daily operation, Our engineer will reply you within 24 hours.
4. Technical support and solution

About us

Our company strives to show you a different side of made-in-China products.
We are committed to the design, manufacture and introduction of high quality and professional slitting machines and materials through our continual and joint efforts. With professional knowledge, meticulous service, market information and reasonable price, we will support you and assist your success.

What are you worried about when you buy a slitting machine?

Definitely, it's quality and after-sales service.
What do you care about when you buy materials?

Definitely, it's quality and price.

What we pursue is what you care,

quality machine, good after-sales service and reasonable prices.


Q.:How does your factory do regarding qaulity control?
A.:We pay much attention on quality controlling from very beginning to the very end. Fully check and test takes before shipment.

Q: It's hot blade , Is it safe?

A: It's 100% safe

Q: Can I just rewind fabrics not cutting them?
A: Yes , it's also a professional rewinding machine

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