FY1600J Garment Label Slitter

FY1600J Garment Label Slitter

FY1600J heating blade garment label slitter is our standard heating blade slitter.It is specially designed for satin label,fabric,textile,care label and garment labels.90% of Chinese care label producer use such slitter to produce care labels.

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Brief Introductaion:

FY1600J heat knife garment label slitter is one of our most popular slitter. It is widely used by 90% of Chinese care label garment label producer. It is specially used for slit the mateiral of garment care label ribbons, decoration ribbons, garment fabrics, home textiles, medical fabrics, industry fabrics etc.

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Machine Basic Data of FY1600J:

Machine Model


Max Slitting Jumbo Roll Width


Unwind JR Diameter

600mm(Max.) Optional: as per customer requirement

Unwind  Shaft

76mm(3 inch), 40mm(1.5 inch) or other size

Brake Type

Magnetic Powder Brake

Rewind Width


Rewind Diameter

Max 300mm   Or As per customer requirement

Rewind Shaft Size

76mm(3 inch), 40mm(1.5 inch) or other size

Slitting Blade Type

Heating Straight Blade

Mechanical Speed

Max 120M/Min

Working Speed

Max 100M/Min

Power Supply

380V, 3Phases, 50Hz Or Customize

Machine Color

Ivory White or As per customer requirement

More Pictures:


What does this slitter used for?

It is used to slit the care label and garment label as below picture.


Do you have Rotary Printer specially for printing the ribbon?

Yes, we have the rotary printer from 1-8 color, they are specially designed for print garment label and care label. Plse see below the picture: (5 color rotary printer)

LZ100 5B.jpg

Do you also have flexo printing machine?

Yes, we can recommend you good quality flexo printing macine and offer you very good price. Pls see below picture:

flexo printer 5 colors.png

Do you also have ultrasonic cutting machine?

Yes, we could recommend you some good quality and good price ultrasonic cutting machine.

We could provide and introduce you all the machines for care label making and producing machine.

Could you provide the jumbo roll of Polyester Satin or other material of garment labels?

Sure, in fact, globally 80% of garment label is from China, 80% of Chinese garment label made in Huzhou where our factory is located. We know everything about garment labels and can introduce a lot of supplier for jumbo roll.

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