FY1600JC Fabric Slitting Machine

FY1600JC Fabric Slitting Machine

FYJC is a all purpose fabric slitter, it does not only can slit woven fabric but also the non woven fabric. With both the heating blade and cold blade syestems, it could slit almost all the clothing textile fabric material on the market.

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FYJC series heat and cold shear blade fabric slitting machine is professional not only for cutting polyester fabrics, satin, Mesh Ribbon, velvet, Medical Warp Elastic Fabric, Release Fabric and industry fabrics, but also for the non woven fabric like Nylon,Taffeta and other non-woven fabric. It is widely and popularly used in garment care label ribbons, decoration ribbons, garment fabrics, home textiles, medical fabrics, industry fabrics etc.

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Slitting Width

Max 800-3500mm

Unwind Diameter

600mm(Max.) Optional: 800mm/1000mm/1200mm/1500mm

Unwind Type

76mm(3 inch), 40mm(1.5 inch) or other size

Unwind Brake Type

Magnetic Powder Brake

Rewind Width

Heating Blade: Mini 10mm; Cold Shear Blade: Mini 15mm

Rewind Diameter

Max 300mm Optional: 500mm

Rewind Shaft

76mm(3 inch), 40mm(1.5 inch) or other size

Slitting Unit

Heating Straight Blade and Cold Shear Blade

Mechanical Speed

Max 120M/Min

Work Speed

Max 100M/Min

Power Supply

380V, 3Phases, 50Hz Or Customize



Why Choose Us:

1. Stable and professional slitter made by more than 15 years experienced engineer.

2. Complete and cautious test and check before shipment.

3. Detailed instruction and manual for all of our machines.

4. Machine installing and worker training service.

5. Whole-life free technical support.

6. Regular on-site routine inspection.

7. One year guarantee for all key parts.

8. Because we are different, we could support you to be different !

Guarantee and Policy:

We guarantee full test and check before shipment to ensure the quality. Meanwhile, we have policy and guarantee are as following:

● One year guarantee for the key parts of the machine, the parts as following: Motor, PLC, touch screen, magnetic powder clutch

● Machine installing and worker training service.

A. We can arranging our engineer to your factory to install and training your worker if you pay the air ticket, food, hotel and 80USD/day subsidy.

B. You can arrange your worker come our factory to accept training of installing and operation, you need to pay the hotel cost.

● Whole life technical support.


Q1. How should I know if the slitter is suitable for my fabrics? 

A: We supply materials test service for free, you can send your fabrics samples,we will check and test it with our machines, and the finished cutting rolls will be sent back with test video for your reference.ch industries are widely used in your machine?

Q2. How to install the machine?

A: Considering easy installing, our machine packed with two independent wooden cases (unwindsand rewinds separately packing), you only need to connect the two partstogether as instruction shows.

and we will supply the installing instruction and video.

if you need install service, we can also offer install service with cost charge accordingly.

Q3. Does this slitter could slit both satin and nylon ribbon?

A: Sure,this slitter is specially designing for both non-woven fabric and woven fabric, it can slit almost all kindly fabric,cloth and other ribbon with both the heating and cold blade.

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