1600mm Slitter for Hot Stamping Foil

1600mm Slitter for Hot Stamping Foil

HN1600mm slitter is one of our very popular model slitter which is used to slit metallic foil,hot stamping foil,cold foil and othe foil from Kurz,Univacco,Dragon foil,ITW and so on. It can slit 1600mm jumbo roll, both 1 inch and 3 inch are ok.

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Hot stamping foil can be used for a large range of printing applications; labels, greeting cards, cosmetics, luxury packaging and many other commercial uses.The hot stamping proces is recognised as the most durable and visually appealing method of marking and decorating.

Besides state-of-the art hot stamping machines, HAVESINO also provide as well as the latest series of spooling and slitting machines for hot stamping foil converting. 

HN1600 professional foil slitting machine for hot stamping foil, metallic foil, metalized film,holographic foil, aluminum foil, cold foil and other 12-120 micron foil film materials. It is one of our most popular model.

It solve the problem of 1 inch slitting with 1600mm width, the max slitting speed can be 450m/min.It has been exported to USA,South Africa,European customers who have been in hot stamping foil industry for many years.


    Slitter Specifications


    Main Specifications

    Unwind Roll Diameter31/40"+800/1000 mm
    Max Web Width62"+1600 mm
    Max Web Speed1500 fpm450 mpm 

    Unwinding Brief Specifications

    Unwind Roll Core3"/6" Shaftless76 mm/152mm
    Unwind BrakeMagnetic Brake
    Unwind Hydraulic LiftingOptional
    Unwind ControlMechanical Button

    Rewinding Brief Specifications

    Rewind Roll Core1"/3"25.4 mm/76mm
    Rewind Diameter24"600mm
    Rewind Air Shaft TypeAir Shaft
    Unloading FrameManual Unloading Frame
    Other Specifications

    Air SupplyMini 0.6 Mpa
    Power Supply380V,50Hz
    Slitting Blade TypeRazor BladeOptional: Share Blade
    Unwind ControlMechanical Button

        Function Description:

Unwind Section

-Shaftless Unwind, 3",6" Core

-Hydraulic Lifting for Automatic Jumbo Roll Loading (Optional)

-Manual Jumbo Roll Lateral Adjustment 

( Optional: Motor JR Lateral Adjustment)

-Mitsubishi Magnetic Powder Brake

-Humanized Design Material Splice Table

-Ultrasonic Web Guider for Foil 

(Optional: E+L Photoelectric Web Guider)

Slit Section

-Razor Blade: slit in the air or slit in groove.  

-Shear Blade: self-lock upper blade and down blade (Optional)

-Precise Meter Counter System From Korea

-High Working Safety Blade Protector

Rewind Section

-1” and 3" Rewinding Air Shaft ( Optional: 6" Rewinding Shaft)

-Motor Controlled Rewind 

-Automatic Air-controlled Positive Pressing Rollers

-Laser Positioning Light to help setting Rewind Paper Cores

-Manual or Automatic Finished Roll Unloading Tree

Control Section

-Mitsubishi PLC

-Weinview 10.4" Fixed Touch Screen

 ( Optional: Movable Touch Screen)

-English Instructions Or Other Language Instructions Available

Trim Section

-Waste Edge Blowing System



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