Hot Stamping Foil Slitter Machine

Hot Stamping Foil Slitter Machine

very high automation hot stamping foil slitter machine with separate unwinder and rewinder, 2000MM width

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HN2000 Fully Automatic Hot Stamping Foil Slitter Machine

This HN2000 hot stamping foil slitter machine is newly designed based on customer requirements. The whole machine is very high automation with separate unwinder and rewinder. Many automatic functions make the machine very easy for operator to use. It is ideal model for large quantity foil slitting rewinding work.

hn2000 foil slitter.png




Max.Foil Roll Width


Foil Roll OD

800mm(Max.)  Optional:   1000mm

Jumbo Foil Roll Core

3" and 6"    shaftless

Unwinding Break

Magnetic Brake

Cut Foil Roll OD


Cut Foil Roll Core

3” and 6”

Cutting Knife

Shear knife

Cutting Speed


Machine Power

220V;380V;420V etc.

Hot Stamping Foil Slitter Machine Unwind

-Shaftless structure, motorized   jumbo roll lateral adjustment

-Once put in position, the   hydraulic lifting unit can help pick up jumbo rolls from floor

-Vacuum splice table can suck   the foil on the table and make joint very straight and easily.

- European brand ultrasonic   edge guider

Slitting Blade

- Shear blade slitting with   safety protector


-Rewind on 3 inch and 6 inch   cores.

-Differential slipping shafts

-Motorized automatic laser core   position unit


- Air controlled automatic   finished roll unloading tree helps to unload cut rolls

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