Foil Slitter

Perfect and Professional Slitting Solution for Hot Stamping Foil,Metallic Foil,Holographic Foil, Decorative Foil and other foil from 12-180um

  • 800mm Cold Foil Slitter Rewinder

    800mm Cold Foil Slitter RewinderHavesino cold foil slitter rewinder machines are reliable with a competitive price. Each machine is built with solid construction. There are different models cover all series foil mother rolls. HN800 is designed for Cold Foil, Hot Stamping Foil, Metallic...

  • 1300mm Hot Stamping Foil Slitter Rewinder

    1300mm Hot Stamping Foil Slitter RewinderHN1300 hot stamping foil slitter rewinder is an ideal machine for slitting jumbo roll on 3'' and 6”''cores to finished rolls on 1'', 3'' and 6'' cores. Compared to other slitters which still use 1''solid...

  • Foil Slitting Machine

    Foil Slitting Machinefoil slitting machine HN1300 is specially design for hot stamping foil,hot foil,metallic foil,metallized foil,decorative foil, coding foil industry, it is with 1 inch and 3 inch shaft,mini slitting width 25mm.

  • Turret Slitter Rewinders

    Turret Slitter RewindersThe diameter of the thick cable (rg-11) is 1.27 cm and the maximum transmission distance is 500 meters. Due to its thick diameter, it has poor elasticity and is not suitable to be set up in a narrow indoor environment. Besides, the making method of the...

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All foil slitter products come in high precision and good performance. Feel free to buy foil slitter or place customized orders from professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Contact our factory for more info now.