Turret Slitter Rewinders

Turret Slitter Rewinders

The diameter of the thick cable (rg-11) is 1.27 cm and the maximum transmission distance is 500 meters. Due to its thick diameter, it has poor elasticity and is not suitable to be set up in a narrow indoor environment. Besides, the making method of the rg-11 joint is also relatively complicated...

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HN1600T Duplex Turret Slitter Rewinders

                             Slitting Width

Max 1600mm

Slitting Thickness

12um - 180um (12-180 micron)

Unwind Diameter

1200mm(Max.)  Optional: 1500mm

Unwind Type

Shaftless (3 Inch and 6 Inch cone head)

Unwind Core Size

3" and 6"

                       Rewind Diameter

600mm(Max.) Optional: 800mm

Rewind Shaft

 3" Air Shaft Optional: 3" Slipping Shafts

               Mechanical Speed


Work Speed


Power Supply

380V, 3Phases, 50Hz Or Customize

                   Air Supply

0.6 Mpa

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