Paper Rewinder Machine

Paper Rewinder Machine

Paper Rewinder Machine is a professional rewinding and slitting machine for 1300mm,1600mm,2800mm.3500mm paper jumbo roll, it is very cost effective slitter.

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DFQ1300 Paper Rewinding Machine is a professional rewinding machine for all kind of paper, it does not only can rewind paper,but also can slit the paper to several rolls. It can rewind and slit the paper from 50-450 gram, it is really cost effective slitter.                           

Parameter and Model                  DFQ-1300         DFQ1600 
Rwinding Type                    Surface             Surface 
Unwind Width                     1300mm            1600mm
Unwind Diameter                  Max1400mm          Max1400mm
Rewind Diameter                 Max1200mm          Max1200mm
Unwind Inner Core              76.2mm 152mm          76.2mm  152mm  
Rewind Inner Core               76.2mm             76.2mm
Slitting Width              30-3500mm          30-1600mm
Paper GSM             40-350g/m²           40-350g/m²
Slit Knife Type           Pneumatic Blade        Pneumatic Blade
Slit Knife Qty.                   10 Pcs                 10 Pcs
Rewind Shaft                 Air Shaft                Air Shaft
Working Speed             Max 600m/min          Max 600m/min

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