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Profile Of Slitting Machine
- Jun 06, 2018 -

According to the needs of different specifications, the equipment in the operation of the glass belt in the vertical cut out a number of marks, to break the edge and vertical division of labor to provide a guarantee. The quality of cut mark directly affects the dimension precision and yield of glass plate. At present, the domestic longitudinal cutter used in China is old in style and backward in function, which cannot meet the needs of automatic production. Some manufacturers are equipped with imported slitting machines, but they are expensive.

Special equipment for float glass

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Slitting machine is a special equipment for floating glass production line.

The longitudinal cutting machine has complete functions and wide adaptability. It is suitable for the cutting of primary flanging, secondary flanging, deviation tracking and different board width. Gasket equipment

Gasket equipment

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Product introduction

Composition of cutting machine:

The cutting machine is composed of longitudinal cutting machine, cross cutting machine, cutting car, walking track and electric control.

The longitudinal cutting machine is composed of upper frame, cutting steel wire device, steel wire clamp, cylinder support, gantry frame, lower beam, longitudinal cutting steel wire device, washing groove device and top waste plough treatment device.

Cut machine

Crosscutting can be made up of transmission device, gantry frame, beam, crosscutting, guide device, swing device, etc.

Cut the small car

The cutting car consists of a car and a motor track chain.

(note: the user only needs to complete the cutting machine foundation, put the embedded parts in place, and connect the power to the cutting machine control cabinet.)

4. Cutting machine requirements:

4. 1 cutting machine is manufactured according to JS/ t921-2003 national standard.

4. 2 the size precision of the cut masonry block can reach length + 2mm width + 1.5mm height + 1.5mm height

4. 3 the size series of cutting products can meet the cutting modules produced according to GB/1968-2006 national standard.

4. 4 cutting function: cut six surfaces of the billet.

4. 5 cutting function meets the requirements of producing grade 07 products.

4. 6 the noise of empty operation of cutting machine shall not be greater than 70dB.

4, 7 smooth operation of cutting machine, no shaking, no stuck phenomenon.

4, 8 cutting machine parameters meet the production of 150,000 cubic meters per year.

4. 9 the control of cutting machine is hand and automatic.

4. 10 appearance of cutting machine

4, 10, 1 the paint surface is clean and smooth, and the color is consistent.

4, 10, 2 plated parts have uniform color, firm adhesion, no zinc leakage, peeling.

4, 10, 3 welding in accordance with the relevant national standards.

4, 10, 4 no mechanical damage.

4, 10, 5 nameplate, mark certificate clear, correct.

Technical parameters

5. 1 motor power of mobile cutting machine is 13.6kw, while motor power of fixed cutting machine is 21.7kw.

5. 2 cutting cycle: no more than 6min

5, 3 longitudinal cut with 5mm carry, cross cut with 10mm carry.

5, 4 cutting machine on the product cutting finished product rate of more than 98%

5. 5 car conveyor motor model dej112mh-4g power 4KW.

Speed reducer: skzn4c28-dej112mh-4g-t2. Ratio: I = 28

Horizontal cutting machine lifting motor model yd160m-6 power: 4KW

Horizontal cutting and positioning Y132M-4 power: 7.5kw

Model Y132M-8 power: 2.2kw

The speed of 710 r/min

6, other

6. 1 the requirement of the cutter for the billet body is no more than 0.5pa

Vacuum hood

1. Composition of suction hood: gantry frame, frame, pulley, cylinder, net frame and machine.

2. Main technical parameters: fan model: 4-72 specification: 4A flow rate: 5962m/n

Power: 3KW per unit